Batik Process: The Equipments

(1) Gawangan (frame)

The gawangan is a tool for holding and spreading the cotton cloth while batiking. It is made of wood or bamboo.

(2) Wajan (pan)

The wajan is a tool in which the wax used in batiking is melted. It is made of iron or clay.

(3) Anglo (brazier)

The anglo is a brazier, the heater of wax. It can be made from clay or other materials. The anglo needs charcoal for firing. Currently, the anglo has been replaced by a bit modern tool called kompor. It is more simple in use since kompor uses kerosene instead of charcoal.

(4) Saringan malam (wax strainer)

The saringan malam is a tool for straining the hot wax so that the dirt can be removed. Straining the hot wax allows the scum to be discarded, so that it will not interfere with the fluent running of the wax through the spout of the canting while batiking.

(5) Canting (stylus)

The canting is the primary tool used in batik process which determines whether the results of the work may be called batik or not. The canting is used to draw with liquid hot wax, making the motifs desired. It is made of copper.

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