Parang Parung Lar

Pattern/Motif Name: Parang Parung Lar
Design Format: Hip Wrapper (Kain Panjang) with undyed borders on the narrow ends only.
Provenance: Java, Surakarta
Technique: Hand-drawn wax resist on machine-woven cotton
Dyeing Methods: Natural Dyes, vegetable reddish-brown soga
Dimension: 2.5m x 1.1m

Parang: rocky outcrop; cleaver, dagger. Traditional Central Javanese motif of slanting bands with stylized daggers.

One of the Central Javanese forbidden (larangan) motifs

(forbidden), restricted. Sumptuary laws restricted the wearing of certain motifs to the aristocracy of the Central Javanese courts. These motifs were designated as larangan.

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