Stages of Batiking

The batiking of a piece of cotton fabric must be performed stage by stage. Each stage is worked by a different person, but a length of cloth cannot be worked by several persons at the same time. The stages can be explained as follow:

(I) Batiking the outline

Batiking the outline using a specimen is termed: mola, and without using a specimen pattern: ngrujak. When the outline has been enterily batiked, the fabric is referred to as batikan kosongan or klowongan. The canting used is the medium-spouted canting.

(II) Filling-in

The term for working the fill-in, ngisen-iseni, derived from the word isi which means content. Thus, ngisen-iseni means to give content of to fill in. it is performed by using the small-spouted canting.

...to be continued...

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